Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Another Day

Not much to blog about today. Ben went back to work. It looks like most things are back to normal. We do still have alot of snow/ice on the ground, but the roads are clear. The city of Little Rock has done a great job at getting out and making the roads safer for those that have to be out on them.


We spent most of the day today out and about. About 9pm last night, Olivia and I loaded up and went to my parents house to spend the night. No particular reason really, just tired of the looking at our 4 walls. It was a nice change of scenery and of course, Pop and Meemaw LOVED having Olivia there. Pop even stayed up late to see Olivia. We had taken a late nap so Olivia was not tired and very hyper when we got there. She is always excited when we go over there ~or anywhere for that matter~because we usually take the blow up bed and “camp out” in the living room. She thinks that is the coolest thing. It was after midnight when she finally settled down and went to sleep. Then around 12:30 the snow plow truck came through the neighborhood one last time with their lights flashing and loud noises. I am very thankful for them and their hard work but 12:30!!! This morning my brothers girlfriend, Linsey, was leaving for work at 5:30am and couldn’t get over the big mounds of ice/snow that the truck had pushed to the side of the road so my brother and Dad had to go out and help her. I think I finally fell back asleep around 7:15 when my parents left for work.


Olivia and I ate at Subway today. That is one of our favorite things to do together. We share a sandwich and coke and sit in a booth just the 2 of us. Fun times. Afterwards, we went next door so I could see the doctor for a couple of things. Olivia did great. They brought her colors and a coloring sheet to keep her occupied. She was so proud of it and gave it to Dr. Pickett to hang with the others on her bulletin board. Then she got stickers and a sucker. Made her day. What made my day is that I am down 6lbs! I know it’s not a ton but it is a start!! Just enough encouragement for me to keep going!


Ben is home from work now so I am going to start dinner. Tacos tonight I think. Church is cancelled for tonight so we are going to enjoy relaxing together as a family. They are calling for more snow/sleet tomorrow evening into Friday. Saturday clear and snow again on Sunday. I will be SO very thankful when Spring is here. This has been a rough Winter! Fun, but rough!

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Angela Cliff and Sam said...

Hey!! It's good to catch up with you in this way!! I know Julee from when I lived in Fayetteville. My sister is her boss at the salon. I used to be a receptionist there when I was pregnant with Sam. She's so sweet!!
I'm glad to see you all have enjoyed some snow days. We have been stuck inside far too much. Hope to see you both sometime!!