Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Windows Live Writer

Well I am trying out something new. I am so tired of trying to move photos around on blogger. I read on a blog community about Windows Live Writer~turns out I had already installed it when we first got our laptop but have never used it. I am going to try to remember to use it from now on. I think it will be much easier and hassle free. :)

We woke up Monday morning to snow. Not just a dusting either~like 3 inches! For central Arkansas that is unheard of! Olivia and I got out and played, but most of the day it was raining also. We have sun today so alot is melting but the temperatures aren’t getting any higher so we will probably have some refreezing tonight. Ben is home from work today and we have had a LAZY day. I am ready to get back to normal around here.


I think I will like Live Writer~

Olivia just shut herself in the bathroom so I must run~when potty training that is not always a good thing!!

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