Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letter to myself

I have seen a few people do this on their blogs so I thought I would give it a try. If I could write a letter from myself NOW to myself before I met Ben, it might go something like this:

Dear Jenny,

Take a deep breath! Relax! Enjoy the ride! Time goes entirely too fast.

the family

First, CLEAN YOUR ROOM! You will be glad you did and you will enjoy the neatness. One day all too soon you will have your own place to keep clean so get in the habit NOW. The man you marry will NOT be messy and WILL like a neat house.

Enjoy the time living in your parents house. Quit trying to come up with ways to get out. Again, one day really soon you will move out and very quickly start a family so enjoy where you are now.

me and the parents

Spend more time downstairs with your mom and dad. Invest more in your brothers. There will come a time when they will need you and the relationship you could have with them. Do not judge any of them. Everyone deals with things differently so do not judge them if they deal with them differently than you would have.


Get over him! He will move off, come back, live with your family, and then break your heart. Do not try to remain friends~in the end it doesn’t matter. God has something in store for your life bigger than you can dream. Do not waste your time sick over him. He is a liar, he will not change for you, he only cares about himself. Harsh words, but you know they are true.

close me and dad

You will not marry every guy you date, even though you feel like you could. Don’t rush relationships. Don’t give so much of yourself so quickly. Don’t say yes just because you are lonely. God does have a plan for your life and you will figure it out. You do not have to be married now, you do not even have to have a boyfriend. Learn who YOU are first, because it will make it that much easier when you have to learn someone else.

mom and me bw

Cherish your relationship with Stephanie. She will remain your best friend. Anna will always be a part of your heart. Your children will play together one day.

steph and me anna and mee

Spend more time with your grandparents. Go see them on your own. You do not always have to have a reason or someone to go with you. They would love to see you anytime. Time is not guaranteed and you will regret it if you don’t get to know them.


Don’t spend so much time dreading church. There will come a time in your life when you are hungry for what God has for you and will seek out “more” . Do not worry about your church situation. God has you where you are now for a reason and will take you some place “new” very soon. Keep in contact with old Victory friends, they will soon be your 2nd family. Do not keep God in a box. He is going to break down all paradigms and religious thoughts and build up HIS foundation in your life. Do not be so judgemental and closed minded~you will soon be one of “those” people.

the girls

Quit playing around with college. Take it seriously and get finished. It is an opportunity that you will not have again for a long time. Go to classes, do your homework, study!!! You end up with plenty of time to do it so go for it. Give it your all.


Enjoy healthy days. Very soon migraines and kidney stones will come along and throw you for a loop. Remember what it is like “before” .


Get rid of the fear, guilt, and any other emotional issues that you have. You ARE worthy. You are beautiful in God’s eyes. You CAN do this. There will be someone watching your move quicker than you realize and you will want to instill Godly emotions into her. Open up your heart. Be a hugger. Be touchy feely. Be romantic and hopeful. Soon your husband will need that.

poppa walking me in

Last of all, trust God with your heart. He is a gentleman and will never hurt you. Stand in faith for the things you want and believe in. Not all things will come easy. Depend on Him. Trust HIS timing even when you do not agree or think He has forgotten. He hasn’t and never will. His timing is always perfect.


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