Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowdy days

We have been home all weekend because of the snow/ice that we got on Friday. I have to say that I was shocked that we actually got something. The weather people always say that we will and we never do! So when it actually started snowing on Friday afternoon I was pretty excited. Olivia had never actually played in the snow so I wanted to make sure she got a chance this time. We have never had anything stick for her to go out in. She was so excited to see it falling. We have her wagon on the balcony and she kept going over to the door and seeing if the snow was still falling in her wagon. Today when everything was finally melting she was so disappointed to see the wagon with water in it and no snow.

Ben was supposed to go to our church's men's retreat up North for the weekend. He had taken off of work on Friday and was planning on leaving at noon. He was so disappointed when they cancelled it Friday morning. It all changed so fast on Friday afternoon. One minute it was barely sleeting and the next it was snowing hard. They are probably going to go this coming weekend instead. So, Ben ended up with just a day off. I am glad that he had taken off for the retreat because if he hadn't of done that then he would have had to go to work on Friday. It was nice to have him at home.

We stayed inside all day Friday and then later that evening I realized that we hadn't taken Olivia outside. We were just going to wait until Saturday, but I was a little afraid that we would wake up Saturday morning and it would all be melted. Sooo, we all bundled up at 9:30pm and headed outside. With the ground being covered in snow, it was really bright outside. I took my camera out and got some good pictures. Olivia LOVED it!! She made snow angels.

She tried to make snowballs to throw at me. The snow was very dry and most of it was ice so it didn't pack very good at all. The thing that she was fascinated with was seeing her footprints. Because the bottom layer was ice, everytime she would step the ice would crack. So she kept saying she wanted to see her footprint cracking. It was funny. we couldn't find both of her gloves before going out so I stuck socks on her hands. She laughed at me at first and thought I was so silly, but once we got out in the cold, she was glad to have them on! We stayed out for about 30 minutes and then had to drag her back in. She DID NOT want to come back in.

We had planned to get up Saturday and go out but we never did. It snowed alot of the day and we just stayed in the warm house.
Today our church still had church, but we didn't go. I had not been feeling too great all weekend. I had what I thought was a bladder or kidney infection. I had them the whole time I was pregnant with Olivia and was actually on antiobiotics for them the entire 9 months, so I knew what it felt like. I was needing to go to the grocery store this afternoon but just didn't feel good and was starting to have alot of discomfort. Well, ends up it wasn't an infection, I ended up passing a kidney stone!!! I have had major issues with kidney stones in the past~even have had lithotripsy~I knew that I still had alot of stones I needed to pass but it has been a while since I have had any problems. I kept the stone that I passed so that I can take it to my urologist to have it analyzed. I really want to know why my body is making them.
I went on to the store and cooked the rest of the afternoon. I had to make dinner to take to a friend in playgroup that has a new baby boy, Emory. Olivia went with me to take dinner to them and did not want to leave. They also have a 2 year old son, Paxton, that Olivia has been in playgroup with since she was 1. She wanted to stay and play with him!!
We are home now after making a run through Starbucks. Yummy!

I think this week I am going to try and get out more with Olivia. We used to go to playgroup alot and to storytime at the library. It has been a long time since we have done either one and I think although Olivia doesn't realize what she is missing, I know she is missing out by not going. One thing I always wanted to do when I wanted to stay home was be able to go do all these things~now that I can~I don't. So I am going to try and start making that change.
Hope everyone had a safe weekend. I am ready for life to get back to normal and move on to Spring!!! We had our snow/ice for the season and it is time to move on!

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