Monday, January 25, 2010

New Look

Finally! Christmas is over here at Full of Hope!! I have been wanting to have a new look but wasn't sure if I should invest in it because I don't update very often. But after Christmas I hated the thought of going back to the ol blogger headers so I contacted Faith about giving me a new look. She was awesome to work with and I am so pleased with how it all turned out. This is something I am proud of and I think it will make me want to write more. So thank you so much Faith!! If you are looking for a new look you should definately head on over to A Design of Faith! You will not be sorry!

On to other news~I have been potty training for the last couple of weeks. Olivia is doing great. I started the week she was going to turn 3 and it seemed to just click with her. I had tried about 6 months ago and she would have NO part of it. I let it go and I think that was the key to her doing so good~waiting until SHE was ready. We have had very few accidents and she pooped in her panties 2x and now she has that down too. I was afraid that might take a while but it really didn't. I am sooo very proud of her!! There are times when she wears a pull-up when we have alot of errands to run, but other than that she wears panties. The pull-ups are really because of me~I am afraid that I won't get her to the potty in time if we are out. She probably would do just fine. She has done really good at telling me and then waiting until we get to a potty. I need to have confidence in her and just put them away. She still wears a diaper at night, but I know that very soon we will be done with those too. Most nights she wakes up dry in the mornings. I never thought she would be potty trained!! Next on our list is getting her to sleep in her own bed! We are taking it one thing at a time though!! :)


Faith said...

Thank you so much for getting in touch with me. I really enjoyed working with you on your new look!

Olivia is just precious!!

Patrice said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and loved the picture in the below post. I have been wanting a canon rebel so I guess I am having a little camera envy! So glad that you love it and fingers crossed, hopefully soon I can get one too!

Congrats on the potty training! :o)