Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

This was at the wagon "picture set up" where we got a nice man to take our pictures for us. Thanks nice man!! I am so glad that we got these!! Even though meemaw and mommy didn't really come prepared for pictures! :)

I wanted to write a quick post on our Pumpkin Patch trip. This was a VERY last minute trip. Olivia had not been feeling well, it had been raining all week, most patches this was the very last weekend to go before they close~so I was thinking that I just missed our chance. BUT on Saturday morning Olivia woke up feeling good and it was BEAUTIFUL outside. So I called Meemaw and asked if her and Pop wanted to go with us. Pop had some other stuff to do so Meemaw, Olivia, and I headed on over to Motley's Pumpkin Patch. It is about 15 minutes from my parents house.
It was the perfect number of people and the weather was awesome!!
We walked ~well Olivia rode since they had wagons to pull~ through their small "petting" zoo,

walked/rode up to the pumpking patch~there wasn't many pumpkins left but Olivia didn't even care~she didn't like the big ones anyway. She picked out a little one and then headed for the big haystack that had a slide going down it. That was a hit.

Then we walked back to the swings for a lil while where we had to PRY her off of them.

I said, "show me your mad face"

Next was the pig races. HILARIOUS!! I think this was our favorite thing from the entire time.

self portrait B4 pigs race can't really get them racing but this was afterwards

Meemaw and I wanted to do the hayride but at first Olivia was having NO part of it. Once we got on and sat down and she saw that other kids and mommys and daddys and Meemaws were on too then she calmed down and TRIED to enjoy herself~she is so my daughter!!
another try at a self portrait

Then a nice lady offered to take our picture for us!! Thanks nice lady!! :)

They also have a nice gift shop which already had Christmas stuff out. Lots of Ole' World ornaments which I love!!
She then got to pick out a free "mini" pumpkin and then we headed home. It was a nice trip and I got a few good pictures~I think. I am so glad that we got to go~I was afraid that we had missed our chance and that it would have been too muddy~it was not at all!!

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Jenna said...

Love the mad face! Thank goodness for strangers who help out with picture taking!