Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009 Recap

This was definately a totally different experience than last year!!

Even down to finding her costume. Last year I knew what I wanted her to have and she really was to young to have an input. This year I had NO idea what to do and then we had decided to go camping at Devil's Den with some friends so we weren't even going to be here. Well on Monday before Halloween we decided that we were going to stay home after all. So the FRIDAY before Halloween I am scrambling to come up with a costume. Keep in mind that MOST if not ALL places are picked over. Usually I order her costume hand made from ebay~but didn't have time this year with all our plans that changed. So we headed over to Halloween Express by Best Buy. Olivia didn't care to much for the store because of all the "scary" stuff set up but we made it through. I was thinking maybe I could get her to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or a Fairy Princess but the minute she saw the Shiny HOT PINK Super Girl costume it was all over! There was NO changing her mind. And of course, this was the most expensive one out of ALL of them I had shown her. So we got the costume and ran to Walmart and got some Hot Pink nail polish, eye shadow, body glitter, and mascara with glitter and headed home. WHew!! So thankful to have gotten that out of the way. Oh and did I mention that she had gotten her flu shot on Thursday afternoon and had been running a HIGH fever ever since~so we got all this not even knowing if she would be able to go out!!! The things we do for our kids!!

Halloween 2008 with cousin, Tyler

Last year, we went trick or treating with my brother and sister in law and her son, Tyler. Olivia was not shy at all and went up to the houses with Tyler all on her own. It was so much fun!!

This year, not so much. Daddy stayed home this year to watch the Razorback game, so Meemaw came with us. Daddy and Olivia did pose for a quick picture before we left though.

Daddy and his SuperGirl

First we went to Temple Baptist Church here in LR to their trunk or treat. It was VERY small and Olivia was having no part of it. I think we made it around to about 3 cars and then left. She has gotten very scared of costumes unless they are "fun" That makes things very difficult when stores have all their halloween decorations out. I am sooo ready for Christmas decorations ONLY to be out!! We love us some Santa Claus!!

Then we went to Otter Creek neighborhood. It was packed. I drove to a cul-de-sac and left MeeMaw in the car and Olivia and I walked up to the first house. There were lots of cute kids running around in NOT SCARY costumes but Olivia was freakin out. I carried her to the first house and she hesistantly got through it. I started to the next house and she LOST IT. Blood curling scream in the middle of the road. WTF?!?! You have got to be kidding me!! So I took her back to the car and was just going to head home. On our way out of the neighborhood we past this mini circular "neighborhood" called "Courtside" It is just one circle full of houses and it looked like about half of them had their lights on. So i asked meemaw to join us and we parked the car and took off~really talking it up~telling Olivia how much fun it is and how it is not scary at all. By the 2nd house she was running to the next ones and having so much fun. I am so glad that we tried one more time. We did kind of bribe her that if she was a big girl and did this then we would go and get her a new movie. Sooo after finishing up we went out to Best Buy and Target in Benton. We didn't find a movie but we did find an ABC's learning toy on sale that I had been wanting to get her for a while.Olivia finally at home playing with her new toy

All in all in turned out to be a good night. Started off a lil rocky but we stuck it out and had fun. I am so glad that my mom got to experience it with us. This was her first time. Here are some of the rest of the pictures from that night.

Thanks for sticking with this LONG post and checking out what our Halloween was like~we love to have visitors!!


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