Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Computer~Hooray!

So we have had 2 computers in the 3 years that we have been married. The first one was one that we inherited from my dad. It had been giving us a lot of problems and finally the hard drive just went out. :( So my good friend Adrianne was kind enough to let us borrow her old one. She had gotten a new one for Christmas so she let us borrow her old Dell. To put it nicely, it had problems. MAJOR problems. So Ben and I decided last week to bite the bullet and buy a new one. The way we had to do it through payroll deduction at where he works only sold Dells~which was just fine with me because I heart them! We just got it in today!!! It is a Dell Studio XPS. It has everything I could ever imagine. The thing I am most excited about its the webcam…I know so silly. But hey!! I have never had one. It has a great video card and we also got an extra battery to go on it. So needless to say we are both so excited!!!

This is my very first post on it and it has this feature that just saves my blog in one place and I can get to it very quickly so hopefully I will do better at updating!! We shall see.

Gotta run for now. We are having family night at church and making pizzas and I have a heath bar cake in the oven~hmm smells so yummy!!

I’ll leave you with a picture of what I am doing right now from my new WEBCAM!!! :)

1st pic

This is the life!!!


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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Yay for a new computer! I so desperately want my own - I share with hubby right now, and when he's off on a trip I go through serious withdrawals.